The Phase 1 Feasibility study results are out

The feasibility study, in its initial phase, has been completed and the report with the results have just been published. We have reached out to an audience of over 40 individuals, in Luxembourg and abroad, between mid-march and end of April.

Feasibility study methodology

Fit4CSA wanted to obtain from real future users. We had launched back in March a feasibility study to gather feedback about the tool, certification process behind it and their ease of use. The study lasted until the end of April. We posted the feedback form on the website and contacted approximatively 40 people, both in Luxembourg and abroad, and asked them to take a look at the tool, and the CORAL approach, and give us feedback.

What do wanted to know?

We had several types of questions in the feedback form, for example

  1. If the audience understood the questions, the answers suggested, or the recommendations at the end of the survey;
  2. If the audience considers there are cybersecurity areas that were not covered by the questions;
  3. If the audience finds Fit4CSA useful to perform a self-assessment in line with the Cybersecurity Act, or to apply for a basic-level certification with an external auditor. We also asked their opinions about the pricing of a certification at the basic level of CSA, as it can be a crucial factor for SMEs to take this path and consider certification as a value-added option to their solution.


Our audience took a look at all the questionnaires in our tool. Most of the feedback we received related to the Web application questionnaire, and revolved around wording improvements. The audience judged our tool to be useful and comprehensive (and most of the time, comprehensible as well). Some interesting aspects related to pricing were noted. Take a look at the results of the survey, here.