Some more CORAL documents that can be useful

The CORAL project partners have 2 more reports to share with the public in the context of CSA and cybersecurity certification. There are two questions that we looked at:

  • Is the CSA related to other pieces of legislation on the EU Agenda? If you are curious about this question, take a look at our report on the links between the CSA certification framework and related EU legislation: here

  • Do you know what’s the impact of CSA over Computer Emergency Response Teams? If you are curious about this question too, then take a look at the second report on the impact of the CSA certification framework over the activities of CSIRTs in Europe: here

While the first document is meant for the general public, the second document can be useful for CSIRTs to be better prepared for incoming regulatory changes and to better undestand how CSA might impact them.

Enjoy your reading!