CORAL Videos

All promotional videos for CORAL are out!

A picture says a thousand words but a video, a thousand times more!

As promised in the project planning phase, the CORAL consortium has prepared several video materials giving an overview of what the project and its results are about. We have 2 CORAL-related videos that we invite you to watch:

Publication date Description Link
27/09/2023 Video on the approach and results of the CORAL project, including a demo of the Fit4CSA tool
(check out the description of the video to see the chapters)
video here
31/10/2023 Video on standards related to cybersecurity in support of the CSA
(also do check out the description of the video to see the bookmarks)
video here

We hope these materials would be useful and informative!

CORAL video 1 CORAL Video 2

For whom the videos are intended

Just like the event organised in October, our videos aim to reach to a wide audience, including:

  • SMEs that are unsure of the advantages of standards and certification in cybersecurity,
  • auditors that could perform certifications in the context of the Cybersecurity Act (CSA),
  • specific authorities that can play a role in the accreditation and certification proceeses in the scope of the CSA,
  • the wider public, concerned about cybersecurity, who consumes or uses ICT solutions.